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Hook It! Program

Remember how exciting it was to earn free personal pan pizzas for reading books? Unfortunately we haven't figured out yet how to send pepperoni through the mail, but we can still reward you for making sure your beautiful new yarn never languishes in your stash!

With Hook It!, you'll earn a shiny gold star for your button and your team for every 500 yards of Eat.Sleep.Knit yarn you work up all year long. Fill up your button with 6 gold stars, and you'll get a 1500 yard boost to your Yarnathon yardage - getting you closer to the next level and more store credit. And of course, we also highly recommend treating yourself to a slice of pizza for old time's sake!

How it Works

You can submit all projects crafted with Eat.Sleep.Knit yarn to the Hook It! program. Each time you finish a project, head to your Yarnathon Dashboard under "Hook It! Progress" and provide the link to your Ravelry project page, along with any other relevant information about your project such as yardage or yarn used.

Once ESK has reviewed your submission, the yardage for your completed project will be added to your Hook It! totals. Each time your Hook It! yardage ticks over 500 yards, we'll add a shiny gold star to the button on your dashboard and to your star bank. Once your button is filled up with all 6 stars, you'll get a 1500 yard boost to your Yarnathon yardage, and start working on filling your next button!

You can fill up to 4 buttons and earn this bonus yardage boost 4 times each year, for a total possible reward of 6,000 bonus Yarnathon yards for making and sharing your projects with us.

Requirements for ALL Hook It! submissions:

  • All yarn should come from Eat.Sleep.Knit except for minor embellishments
  • All projects should be completed in 2024
  • All projects need to be submitted before December 26th, 2024

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