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   Persian Dreams KAL - 2017
   Rewards: 16 stars & 2,000 yards

KAL Details:

  • Pattern: Persian Dreams by Jenise Hope
  • Alternative Versions: Worsted weight, Sportweight/two-color
    Use anywhere from 1 color to the original 13 color version Chart can be converted to crochet by using 1 sc per 1 k square in each chart
    Half-hexagons can be done by steeking to make the finished project rectangular (example)
  • Size Options: Complete as few as 1 or as many as 24 hexagons to participate.
  • KAL Dates: Jan. 1st - Dec. 25th
  • Rewards: Earn .5 stars per hexagon knit.
    Earn 500 yards and 1 bonus star for each set of 6 assembled hexagons. Total of 16 possible stars and 2,000 possible yards for knitting all 24 hexagons.
  • Work two hexagons each month to reach your goal! This KAL offers a monthly prize drawing for each set of two completed hexagons.

This is a single pattern craft-a-long that starts on January 1st, 2017 and runs through December 25th. Persian Dreams is a fingering weight blanket assembled from 24 knitted hexagons and 14 different colors. To a novice knitter, this blanket could look intimidating but let's take this piece by piece and create a beautiful project by the end of the year! This pattern is so versatile - here is a worsted weight version of this pattern called Persian Dreams Worsted, and a sportweight two-color version called Friesland was also published in Twist Collective and can be used. Any of these weights can be converted to one color, two color, 14 color, or anything in between - your imagination is the limit! The charts can also easily be converted to crochet by substitution 1sc for each stitch (sample).

The pattern as written calls for about 7500 yards of fingering weight yarn or 6160 yards of worsted weight yarn to complete 24 hexagons, but you can modify the pattern to be as small as one hexagon and use any weight as long as your finished project uses at least 250 yards of the ESK yarn of your choice.

Prizes: Each completed hexagon earns .5 stars. Each set of six fully-assembled hexagons earns you a bonus star and a bonus 500 yards. This means you can earn up to 2,000 yards and 16 stars for your team by completing the Persian Dreams KAL.

We will all try to tackle two hexagons each month, with the hopeful goal of actually finishing one of our many lofty blanket plans! In addition to our traditional end-of-KAL thread, you'll have a monthly Ravelry drawing for each set of two completed hexagons.

How it Works

This knit-a-long officially begins on the first of January. Pick your yarn, maybe even get ambitious and do a swatch (while earning your Swatchbuckler badge!), and cast-on with your fellow ESKers in the Ravelry thread. When your project is done, head to your Yarnathon dashboard to submit your project and get your yardage and stars. Our goal is to have as many of you as possible finish your projects within the timeframe of the knit-a-long (truly knitting "along"), but we'll accept submissions for all 2017 knit-a-longs all the way up through December 25th to allow maximum participation.

Requirements for ALL knit-a-longs:

  • All yarn should come from Eat.Sleep.Knit except for minor embellishments
  • All projects should start on or after the start date for the knit-a-long and be completed and submitted by December 25th, 2017
  • All projects should use the patterns or themes specified by the individual knit-a-long requirements
  • All projects completed within the knit-a-long calendar timeframe will be eligible for the Ravelry prize drawings for that knit-a-long.

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