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   Temperature Tracker KAL - 2019
   Rewards: Up to 1500 yards and 5 stars

KAL Details:

  • Project: Knit or crochet a project that tracks the temperature (or some other weather element) where you're at over the course of 2019.
  • Use anywhere from 50 to 359 color changes (weekly, daily, or, you choose!)
  • Use anywhere from 2 colors, up to the limits of your imagination
  • KAL Dates: Jan. 1st - Dec. 25th
  • This KAL offers a monthly prize drawing for anyone staying on track with your color changes!

This is craft-a-long starts on January 1st, 2019 and runs through December 25th. Temperature tracking projects are a super fun and also super versatile way to make a long-term project that's colorful, beautiful, and can celebrate all the different skies all of us at Eat.Sleep.Knit are seeing daily in 2019. The basic idea is to knit or crochet one row or segment of your project per day or per week that coordinates with the temperature in your location. Or, you could track things like sunny/rainy/cloudy, or the color of the sky in the morning - whatever floats your particular boat.

Your project can be big, like a blanket, or small, like a scarf or cowl. There are quite a few popular Ravelry patterns that are already set up for temperature tracking - My Year in Temperature Scarf, Sky Scarf, Tunisian Temperature Blanket, Temperature Timepiece. Your colors do not have to be the same - feel free to do a project that uses 8 shades of blue, or where red denotes cold, or whatever makes you happy. Just set up your color key and pick your yarn and pattern and you're ready to get crafting!

You can also convert nearly any simple pattern into a temperature tracker by applying the color changes at intervals of your choosing. Some patterns we're thinking of making around the shop: Next in Line, Northeasterly (each chevron could be a temperature record), Daily Temperature Blanket (records temps in two places at once, for those of us who call two cities home), Monster Mitts, and even Flax (because rainbow striped sweater!).

Tracker projects should include at least 50 (average of one per week) color changes. If you are doing a daily tracker, you can submit your project at the end of December prior to casting off since you may want to finish up the last few days of the year - just explain that in your submission and make sure to include the yardage you've used up until that point in your project page.

How it Works

This knit-a-long officially begins on the first of January. First, choose your pattern! Pick your yarn, maybe even get ambitious and do a swatch (while earning your Swatchbuckler badge!), and cast-on with your fellow ESKers in the Ravelry thread. When your project is done, head to your Yarnathon dashboard to submit your project and get your yardage and stars. Our goal is to have as many of you as possible finish your projects within the timeframe of the knit-a-long (truly knitting "along"), but we'll accept submissions for all 2019 knit-a-longs all the way up through December 25th to allow maximum participation.

Prizes: All 2019 KALs have six size options to allow everyone to play. You'll earn more yardage and stars the larger your project is. You can combine as many projects as you'd like as long as all of them are at least 100 yards.

Requirements for ALL knit-a-longs:

  • All yarn should come from Eat.Sleep.Knit except for minor embellishments
  • All projects should start on or after the start date for the knit-a-long and be completed and submitted by December 25th, 2019
  • All individual projects should use a minimum of 100 yards, even those being combined with others.
  • All projects should use the patterns or themes specified by the individual knit-a-long requirements
  • All projects completed within the knit-a-long calendar timeframe will be eligible for the Ravelry prize drawings for that knit-a-long.

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