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Do I need to use yarn from ESK for all Booster Club activities?
Yes, all projects and happenings submitted for badges or CALs should use all yarn purchased or gifted from Eat.Sleep.Knit. Yarn does not need to be purchased in 2021; it just has to come from our store at some point.

Can handspun spun from fiber purchased at ESK be used for badges and KALs?

Can projects be combined to meet yardage requirements?
Yes, you can combine as many projects as you want for both CALs and badges. If combining projects, you should only submit for a badge or CAL once you have completed all projects you plan to make for that badge or CAL.

Do we stay 10k or do we have to re-earn it very year?
10k membership is forever!!!

Where is MVP?
Right here! Yarnathoners who max out their star participation with 60 or more stars for the good of the team will receive a super secret MVP yarn prize in early 2022.

I'm missing a prize or part of a prize in my order!
Oh no! Please e-mail eatsleepknit at eatsleepknit dot com with your name and order info so we can fix it.

How do I get rid of $300 shipping?
On the checkout page, in the third box you can update your shipping method to a valid shipping option and it will update. This is a sign that changes to your cart at checkout have made your previously selected shipping method invalid (such as free shipping over $100 or order now too heavy to ship first class). If you do checkout while this method is selected, the website will automatically select the cheapest valid shipping option for you.


Team switches: Please e-mail trivia at eatsleepknit dot com. Team switches are based on availability and cost 2 stars in order to keep all teams fair and even.

This is a lot to keep track of!
We totally agree!! We highly recommend just starting with the first thing that looks fun to you and doing that, then move on to the next. If it doesn't look fun, skip it! This is all about enjoying your yarn and your fellow ESKers, not torturing yourself with spreadsheets. HOWEVER, for those of us who enjoy a spreadsheet, a lovely ESKer has made this very cool tracking spreadsheet available for all of us spreadsheet-lovers to use as well, which is a great way to stay organized if that's your style.

Booster Club

Can I complete the same badge more than once?
Sorry, each person can earn each badge only once per year.

Do you automatically get points for lifetime badges in future years after earning them?
Yes, you will see them on your dashboard already.

For the Extra Extra badge, is there a way to tell if we're actually signed up for the newsletter?
You can check your newsletter settings on your account settings. If the box is checked, you're subscribed! if you're subscribed and still not receiving newsletters, it's most likely an issue with your e-mail server's spam filter, but we can double-check for you if you're not sure.

For the Extra Extra badge, can I get this badge again this year if I got it in previous years?
Absolutely! As long as you're still signed up for the newsletter, you have earned this badge, just go ahead and submit.

For the Long Haul badge, are we able to use a project we started in 2020?
Yes! Long Haul projects can be started any time prior to 9 months before finishing. This is the only exception to the all-2021 rule.

For the wrong end badge, does it count if you used the tail of a cable cast on?
Absolutely; a tail's a tail.

For the Froggarella badge, does the knitting also need to take place in 2021 or just the frogging?
Only the frogging needs to take place this year.

For the Stash to 5K badge, does the yardage have to be knit?
No, all badges are eligible to be completed with knitting or crochet.

For the Fill in the Blanket badge, does the blanket need to be assembled?

For the Chatterbow badge, how can I know that I've posted on 30 different days?
You can look through your posts, or a great tip from a Raveler: "You can click the little heart next to your post number, which will add the post to your favorites. You can then create a bundle of your posts throughout the 30 days, without having any of your older posts show up like they do if you search in the forums."

For the Swatchbuckler badge, do I need to bind off?
Yes, a proper swatch should be bound off and blocked.

For the Skein Saver badge, how do we prove it?
Badges like this are largely honor system but there are a few ways if you like proof - a photo, or tagged stash entries on Ravelry are the most popular.

For the Winter Wear badge, which yarns count?
Any yarns found on the aran, chunky, or bulky pages of the ESK website.

For the Charity Knits badge, what counts as a charity?
If you're donating your project to a non-profit organization and it feels like a charity to you.

How does yarn held double work?
In order to award the same amount of points for the same amount of work to everyone. when holding multiple strands together, take the yardage of yarn used and divide it by the number of strands to come up with the comparable number of yards used. So yarn held double will count for half the actual yardage used, for example a hat made of 2 strands of Malabrigo lace held double which used 400 yards total would count as a 200 yard hat.

Are the badges finalized for the year/ how is it possible to reach 850 with the current badges?
Yes the badges are finalized, but new badges will be released each quarter. A minimum of 950 points will be available once all quarterly badges are released.

What are the currently available lifetime badges?
Skein Saver and Social Stalker are the lifetime badges still available to earn in 2021.

Will there be physical pins again this year for 2021?
Unfortunately we've decided to discontinue these due to costs involved.


Can we submit multiple projects for the same CAL to meet yardage?
Yes, you can submit as many projects as you want. All projects you are submitting need to be completed before you submit since you can only submit once for each CAL.

Can we submit the same project for multiple CALs?
No - one CAL per project. You can submit one project for multiple badges.

What is the email for project approvals?
In general we hope it's clear from the descriptions what types of projects qualify for the CALs, but if you need a specific pattern ruling, you can e-mail us at trivia at eat sleep knit dot com. Note that we are no longer approving individual pattern options for the Q1 Mosaic CAL.

Can we start projects early?
No - projects should be started on or after the KAL start date.

Is the minimum per project still 100 yards?
No - there are no longer any minimums for individual projects.

Do we have to submit by the end of the quarter for the bonus star?
Yes, that's what the bonus star is awarded for.

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